Hello 2019! Colors, Trends and Design

Individuality is being much more celebrated in home design.  This is a wonderful way to express yourself with having one of kind, stand out pieces created by different artists whether it is furniture or artwork.  Classic and Modern have joined together to create a beautiful blend that can work with many home settings and updateREAD MORE ›

Exciting Trends and Intriguing Designs

Now that we are all back in our routines, we start to think of the upcoming holidays and are looking for tips to freshen things up or do a complete re-do.  I have put together a few new items that are trending and new this season. Metals are big!  Bright shining brass to rose gold andREAD MORE ›

Rennovating your home? Here are some pointers.

It has been a busy spring so far with many clients doing renovations rather than moving and changing their location.   Once a decision has been made to renovate you all have to be in agreement to keep an open mind, communicate and be prepared for issues but know it will all work out. Know thatREAD MORE ›


Spring has definitely come earlier than normal this year for the Dallas area.  Who doesn’t love seeing the fresh green buds of leaves on the trees, all the tulips and daffodils in all their glory, wisteria and flowering trees all blooming.  It only is for a few weeks that we can enjoy these special floralsREAD MORE ›

How to Put Instant Patina on Your Walls

Looking for ways to give your drywall the feel of century old plaster?  Look no more. Those of you familiar with the great designer, art collector and antique dealer Axel Vervoordt will be thrilled to hear that you can get that look now in the USA.  Belgian artisan Eddy Danker, who is the maestro behindREAD MORE ›

Trends to add Autumnal Warmth and Update your Space

Interior design is like fashion design as it is an ever- changing marketplace.  Although the worlds of interior design and furniture don’t move at the same speed as fashion since swapping a sofa isn’t like changing your trousers the trends still are out there. With the change of seasons new colors arrive and what wasREAD MORE ›

Frances Valentine—aka Kate Spade

Kate Spade started her handbag company Kate Spade New York in the ‘90s but she is no longer affiliated with this company that bears her name.  So after a fulfilling stint as a stay at home Mom she has started a new venture and changed her name to Frances Valentine.  It is an accessory lineREAD MORE ›

Sparkle Anyone?

Glitter grout will compliment any wall or floor tile, mosaic or feature tiles and is available In 10 colors. All are totally flexible and with hygienic anti mold properties and are suitable for areas, subject to water. Sparkle grout is ready mixed glitter grout that is ready to go.   The glitter grout range offers guaranteesREAD MORE ›


For the past 10 years a neutral color palette was all that clients seemed to want specifically the grays.  So that a room doesn’t feel lifeless and boring with using only neutrals you need to create some strong textures and punches of color to make these rooms work.  In this blog I will specifically discussREAD MORE ›

Transitional, …What does this Design Term Mean?

We hear this term “transitional” being used to denote a certain style in the last 10 years.  But what does it really mean?  This is a great way to update the look of a room by incorporating new furniture and décor styles with your existing furniture if you aren’t re-doing the whole room.  This worksREAD MORE ›