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So OVER Winter!!

It’s seems like most of the country got one more blast of winter and we have all had enough. After the trip to Charleston I can’t wait to start planting and designing my garden. Here are some wonderful pieces that you can see at It will get your green thumb itching to get out and get spring in the yard.

The Charm of the South!

Back from a wonderful week in South Carolina and Georgia! The weather was fantastic and the flowering trees and shrubs were at their peak! I was losing my mind on the wisteria growing wild everywhere along the highway, the dogwood trees and the multicolored azaelas. My girlfriend Carolee who took these pictures and I are working on a book about the area. It will be mostly a photography book with everything from the homes, garden designs, garden statuary and information about the interesting and rich history of this area. I suddenly want to get my hands on as much as I can about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. In Charleston they have a very active Historical Foundation and the homes and antiques are preserved for all of us to enjoy. We traveled from Charleston to Beaufort then to Savannah and on to Hilton Head. Each spot although not far from each other had their own unique flair and flavor. I will keep you posted on the progress of the book and when you are planning your next trip consider seeing some of these areas and the treasures of American’s heritage!

Charleston, Beaufort and Savannah!

The blog is going to take a rest for this week as I will be traveling to South Carolina and Georgia to bring you some beautiful photos and stories from my travels. I will be going to the Charleston Home and Garden Tour and am very excited to see everything in bloom in the deep south.
So stay tuned and see you in a week!

Graphite Grays….

This is the new look from Restoration Hardware! I think they have hit a home run with their new designs. I have always loved the natural linens and paired with the gray wicker is gorgeous. Not shown in these photo’s is their vintage Mayfair steamer trunk collection which is fantastic. Their reproductions of mirrors, furniture and accessories is outstanding. Restoration Hardware has salvaged wood architectural mirrors making each mirror a one of a kind piece. Gray’s kinship with other colors makes it very appealing as well. You can add a touch of blue to make it icy, silver giving it a flash of luxury or yellow for a bit of warmth. Please visit their website and see all they have to offer at
Here in Dallas there is only one store down at Knox and Henderson but another one is coming soon to Plano and the Willow Bend Mall.

Violet and Lavender!

Purple is the color of royalty and violet symbolizes delicacy. Crown Royal bags are purple and great to use for your scrabble letters!! On fabrics purple is most often grouped with the colors of spring…green, white, yellow, pink and some blues. When arranged with red or raspberry-deeper colors, purple takes on a much more serious tone. I find it to be a peaceful and restful color perfect for the bedroom.

Planning Your Wedding!

I found this pie shaped graph that a couple did to show “where the dough goes”. This is a good guide line and gives you some idea when planning your wedding. Most people only do this kind of planning of their wedding once in their life and have no idea what they are getting into until they are in the middle of it. So study this chart and use it as a guideline when you are all sitting down discussing your plans.

Courageous, Confident, Vital and Uplifting: Pink!

In times of stress we need something to lift our spirits…well pink is the perfect remedy! Looking for an inexpensive way to perk up a room? Try painting a wall with Honeysuckle the color of the year 2011. Pink seems almost synonymous with spring as the azaleas bloom and tulips flower but it is present year round in our favorite china, rugs and window treatments. Vibrant fuchsia accents can enliven an space, and lampshades lined with pale pink will cast a warm, welcoming glow. I just had some dining room chairs made for a client in pink patent leather!!! Awesome and what a statement that makes.

Be Daring – Go Orange!

Color is definitely a mood setter. It can make you feel great and energetic. Not sure why people have a fear of color as a can a paint is one of the least expensive ways to change a rooms’ mood. These days they finally have little sample pints that you can test and live with to see if you like the color. So don’t live in fear of trying something different. The ceiling is a forgotten surface. Paint it a color or even covering it in wallpaper changes a room and looks fantastic.
When we look at this photo of an orange room you can feel how strong and intense it is yet full of light. Orange occurs in sunrises and sunsets as well as fruit and fauna and used at full strength can be overpowering …but mellowed can be relaxing. Add a little yellow, white or even pink to soften the jolt that orange fabric or paint can deliver. Difficult to not be happy in this room!