Trends to add Autumnal Warmth and Update your Space

Interior design is like fashion design as it is an ever- changing marketplace.  Although the worlds of interior design and furniture don’t move at the same speed as fashion since swapping a sofa isn’t like changing your trousers the trends still are out there. With the change of seasons new colors arrive and what was old and vintage is new again but reinvented in a different way. 


There is no competing with the perfection of Mother Nature with the colors, woods, textures, iridescence of precious stones and crystals that are everywhere in interior design today.  Crystals and natural stones are being used to adorn lamps, chandeliers, napkin rings and also independently as an accessory on their own on a table or shelf.


Textures of grass cloth, linen, shagreen, vellum, woven natural fibers, parchment and burled wood are being used to bring the organic, Zen feel to our homes which is the escapism we seek.







Hot colors to accessories with your natural environment are turquoise, jade, citron and persimmon.  All these colors will make your room come alive with interest and personality!





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