How to Put Instant Patina on Your Walls

patina on your walls

Looking for ways to give your drywall the feel of century old plaster?  Look no more. Those of you familiar with the great designer, art collector and antique dealer Axel Vervoordt will be thrilled to hear that you can get that look now in the USA.  Belgian artisan Eddy Danker, who is the maestro behind designer Vervoordt ethereal finishes for drywall has brought the finishes to the New World for the Old World look.   They are ready-mixed, mineral-based pigments that will give your walls the look of old with just a few coats.

The paints come in more than 140 shades!

Vervoordt’s style is his commitment to making the past a relevant part of today’s design.  If you are looking to add more elegance to your home and make it more personal you can start transforming your space by making your walls more interesting by evoking walls to look like plaster and lime wash.


Go to Dominque Finishes to learn more and see the shades that are available.


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