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Acclaimed Designer Michael S. Smith!

Some people are just born with a perfect pitch for portion and Michael S. Smith is one of those people.  An American born Interior Designer based out of  L.A., Michael has earned a reputation as pursuing fabulous ideas for his clients including many celebrities.  He has also been the White House decorator since 2008 and is responsible for the makeover of the Oval Office. Expect the unexpected from him as he avoids trends and he never repeats himself even when he has conceived a great design idea.
A good decorator wants to understand the client’s expectations in order to please them and their is nothing more gratifying to see clients who are truly pleased with their new rooms.  I like the way Michael blends the old with the new and designs the most elegant yet inviting and comfortable rooms.  His furniture line blends European tradition with American modernism for a timeless look.

Fun Idea’s for Baby Showers!!

Baby Showers are such wonderful, exciting celebrations!!  Welcoming a new life into the world and into a family is one of t he happiest moments in life.  Mindy Weiss who is an event planner in LA did the above parties.The little duckies in the wine glass, I thought was a fun touch.    Ideas for cookies and cakes at a baby shower are endless.  It is fun if you pick a theme and carry it through from the invitation to the food display.

Bunny Williams New Pop-Up Boutique in Manhattan!

“Create a lifestyle- your home is not just about the furniture but how you really live in it – make it magical!” – Interior Designer Bunny Williams….Well I couldn’t agree more!  For three weeks in May, Bunny has transformed her 5,200 sq. foot design studio into an exquistely curated pop-up boutique.  For the first time, Bunny has brought together the full range of her home collections.  The pop-up boutique has the feel of an eclectic, stylish home. 
So if you are in NYC in the next several weeks make sure you drop in as it is only open till May 18th.

Beach Houses!!

With the summer right around the corner thoughts of waves crashing on the beach and beach combing for shells comes to mind.  If you don’t own a home on the water somewhere well the next best thing is to rent one for a few weeks or a month.  There isn’t a better way to wind down and relax.  Be prepared for lots of guests as this is one destination everyone seems to enjoy. 


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Color Continuity in Open Spaces!

When dealing with open, public spaces in your home, consider the sightlines you have from one room to another.  Repetition of color will visually link spaces to create a sense of harmony and tie the rooms together even when they may have a different flooring or wall coverings.  Once you have established continuity, introduce additional colors to surprise and delight.  Adding accessories to unifiy the additonal colors will pull it altogether and make it unique.