Designing the Events
...of Everyday Life

Residential Interior Design

Designing the events of everyday life is Susan’s motto for her interior design business. She perceives not just the space that makes up her clients’ homes, but also the events that will comprise their lives, truly transforming her clients’ houses into the homes where memories are made and cherished for a lifetime. Learn more about Susan’s interior design services here.

Nonprofit Event Design

Designing the events that bring out the fun in fundraising is Susan’s motto for the nonprofit events arm of her business. From event concept creation to complete execution, Susan is the go-to designer and event manager for Collin County and the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Learn more about Susan’s nonprofit event design services here.

Corporate Design & Event Design

Designing the events that are on brand, on budget, and on everyone’s minds afterwards is Susan’s motto for the corporate events arm of her business. In addition to corporate event concept creation and execution, Susan also installs art for her corporate clients and selects furniture for corporate workspaces. Learn more about Susan’s corporate design and event design services here.