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Spring will arrive on April 10th at the Aldredge House

Everyone loves to see the creativity when the floral and design community get together to present fabulous floral arrangements. At this luncheon top Dallas floral designers will be represented as they create centerpieces for this event. Pottery Barn Dallas Galleria will be represented by Christopher Potts and myself creating a “Coastal” entry table as well as a floral for a dining table.
For tickets call Ginger at 214-505-6366 by April 5th.
In addition all floral arrangements will be for sale at the end of the luncheon.

Easter Brunch Stable with a Texas Twist!!

Want to do something just a little different for your Easter Brunch? Try this recipe from Chef Ben Ackland which he calls Texas Eggs Benedict.

English muffin
Filet Mignon
poached egg
hollandaise sauce
topped with pico de gallo
Add some hash browns


Color…one of the most Dramatic and Dynamic Elements in Home Decor!

The color wheel includes high-intensity, pure colors. You will no doubt not use many of the vibrant colors as they appear on the wheel but the principles associated with this wheel can help you create the effect you are looking for.
The twelve colors in a standard color wheel are divided into three categories, primary colors, secondary colors and t tertiary colors.
When we speak of intensity of color we are describing the brightness or dullness of a color, while value refers to a color’s lightness or darkness. Add white to a color to create a tint. Add black to create a shade.

Warm colors such as the reds, oranges and yellows make a room feel intimate and cozy. Cool colors such as greens, blues and violets expand a room and make you feel calm and open.

Making your Accessories Personal!

The other day I was going through some old family papers where I came across some old letters. It dawned on me that letter writing is really becoming a thing of the past. When was the last time you sat down to a 4 page letter from someone? Since both my parents have passed on and like everyone they have distinctive cursive I decided to blow up sections of their letters and frame them for my office. Nope didn’t stop there did my children as well and in smaller frames plan to do my girlfriends! With e-mails being the main communication tool these days there will be no letters to review and keep. Once I have finished I will post a photo of them all. I can’t tell you how delightful it is to look up at my loved ones handwriting and feel the love!!
In the meantime gather some letters and head to Pottery Barn to buy their gallery of frames and do your own meaningful wall. You now have one of a kind art and very personal.

Easter Centerpiece!

I have to say I can’t believe anyone loves these marshmallow peeps that are particularly popular at Easter…..I know you are out there as every year they seem to come up with more colors and ideas…for me this is the best use and as in the the segment before as a cocktail decoration!!

Easter Brunch/Spring Cocktail!!

How beautiful is this cocktail? Special thanks to Caterina Miltenberger for this fantastic Easter cocktail….don’t you just love the peeps? Caterina is the Chief Corporate Mixologist for Glazer Wholesale Distributers and she never fails to come up with wonderful creations for ever special occasion.
This is perfect to serve at a luncheon or Easter Brunch…thanks Cat!!

§1.0 oz Sobieski Orange vodka
§1.0 oz Marie Brizard Parfait Amour liqueur
§1.0 oz white cranberry juice
§1 lime wedge
§Add all ingredients in a mixing glass add ice
§Shake vigorously
§Strain and pour into a well-chilled martini glass
§Garnish: Orange peel
§Optional: (lavender sugar)
§Easter: Garnish with a brightly colored peep

Fireplace Decorating: Why Paint a Brick Fireplace?

Does your fireplace looks like it belongs on the That’s 70’s Show? Many people with brick fireplaces often complain about how ugly they find the brick or how it doesn’t coordinate with their furnishings. Many bricks are dark and painting them is the quick, easy and cheapest way to lighten things up!

  1. Choose your paint There’s a lot to think about when painting a brick fireplace. Choose a color that will fit with your room’s decor. A semi-gloss latex paint works best on brick .
  2. Prep the fireplace and surrounding area Cover the areas of wall and floor around your fireplace to protect them from drips or other accidents. Next, clean the bricks as best you can. Scrub the bricks down with wire brushes, to get all the dirt out of the pores of the bricks. If your brick fireplace was previously painted, you’ll have to get every bit of old paint off. Use de-greasers, such as dish washing soap, and water to clean off any soot or grime. Use a vacuum to suck up any remaining loose debris
  3. Prime the bricks Apply latex primer to the cleaned brick surfaces. Be sure to fill the small holes and allow the primer to set in Do not prime or paint the firebox where the actual flame goes. Paint burns, period.
  4. Paint the bricks Use a paintbrush to paint the bricks. Take your time and work the paint into the cracks and crevices. Allow your latex paint to set, and then apply a second coat. Remember, don’t paint where you light the fire.

Shopping List
Masonry primer or conditioner
Latex paint
Paint tray, roller and roller cover

Great Idea for Child’s Room

What to do with all those children’s books? I thought this was a great way to decorate a child’s room and practical to store their books. I also love the way the ceiling was painted. Remember it doesn’t always have to been white!!

How to Throw the Perfect Party!!

We all want our parties to be perfect after all the time and effort we put into the planning and this class will give you guidelines to make you the hostess with the mostest!!
Well mark your calendars as I will be speaking on this topic at the Pottery Barn Dallas Galleria on Thursday, March 22 at 7 pm and the 25th at 10 am! We will discuss all kinds of different occasions and the keys to making them fun for you the hostess as well as for your guests. The classes will be held in the store and you will receive a 10% off coupon for any purchases made that evening after the class. I have some great ideas to share with you and it makes for a perfect Ladies Night Out…learn a little, shop a lot and then plan your next party with ease!!!
To make reservations please call the store at 972-788-1214! See you there.

Please VOTE!!

D Magazine has just nominated my son-in-laws restaurant La Fiorentina as best Italian restaurant in Dallas….please click on the link below and vote for him…Chef Ben Ackland. If you haven’t eaten there you need to try the homemade pasta, sticky toffee pudding and other delights!!
Thank you!