Blog aug18.16For the past 10 years a neutral color palette was all that clients seemed to want specifically the grays.  So that a room doesn’t feel lifeless and boring with using only neutrals you need to create some strong textures and punches of color to make these rooms work.  In this blog I will specifically discuss the use of metallics.  This is a great way to Introduce some shimmer and shine and a dose of glamour by mixing several metals.  Choose a subtle approach when doing this by pairing some chrome drawer pulls with an antique bronze mirrored table for example.  Mixing metals doesn’t have to be a bold choice!  With metallic all the rage right now, gold and silver alike are topping the décor charts.  Bringing the two together makes the room look more interesting and intriguing but also gives the room a sense of visual dimension and texture.  Striking the right balance can feel reflective, eclectic and elegant.

For example you can use window coverings in a golden hue and hang a silver ceiling fixture and you will see how they complement each other.  Accent tables are another place to feature your mix use of metals.  By bringing in different types of metal finishes into a space you are adding a more glamorous and sophisticated look to your room.

So don’t resist or think that it is a faux pas this is a great way to bring richness to your space.

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  1. Becky says:

    Hey Susan….love this blog, we have been working on this kind of pallet for the last 5 months, I didn’t realize it is now the “thing” to do. We are now approaching our black iron stair balustrades. It’s a delicate approach to get just the right coloring on them! Hope your doing well!!! Miss You. Becky