Happy Easter!

                  Why does the date of Easter vary by more than a month? … Easter is one of the festivals which tries to harmonise the solar and lunar calendars. As a general rule, Easter falls on the first Sunday, following the first full moon after 21 March.READ MORE ›

Spring Awakening in North Texas

After a long and dreary winter take a look around the house, it is time to make a some changes. Time to paint that room, get some new artwork, change your dishes, clean out that closet, generally freshen things up….really the first days of spring are all about change indoors and out. After being insideREAD MORE ›


Do you ever wonder why you are attracted to one color over another? The effects of color on us are significant and yet subtle. Some colors excite us and others soothe. Warm colors such as the reds, oranges and yellows make a room feel intimate and cozy. Cool colors such as greens, blues and violetsREAD MORE ›


When planning any event or wedding think of it as a movie production. There is the budgeting, staging, script, players and no doubt drama and improvisation!!! Susan Spindler can help make this the best event imaginable by being your director. By creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and for you to beREAD MORE ›


Here we are in December already! Tis the season of gatherings of family and friends, cooking, baking, gift buying and giving and if you don’t plan ahead it can feel overwhelming and exhausting in December. I have to decorate my own home before doing any clients otherwise I would never have the “Christmas Spirit” leftREAD MORE ›


Our favorite American holiday is just around the corner and with it comes the colors of autumn to herald in the start of the holiday season. The burnished golds, oranges and fiery reds associated with autumn create a welcoming backdrop to a traditional meal.   Sun-drenched hues of yellow and red also happen to stimulate theREAD MORE ›

Victoria and Albert Museum In London

  a month and trying everyday to take in whatever I can that is British, historical, design and current.  Last week I went to several museums and the Queen Victoria and Prince  Albert known as the V &A was one I got t   The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, is the world’s largest museumREAD MORE ›

Welcome to My New Website

We launched the new Susan Spindler Designs website this past month, and I hope you enjoy it and will check in often. I am in London, UK for the next month visiting my daughter and her husband as we await the arrival of their first born … a son. Will keep you posted on hisREAD MORE ›

Legacy of Love Benefit & Fashion Show

It’s been a very busy few months for the committee of the Legacy of Love Benefit.  At last nights sold out event we sold out of raffle tickets and raise awareness of the great works that goes on at Children’s Medical Center.  JC Penney our Presenting Sponsor knocked it out of the park with theREAD MORE ›