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Merry Christmas one and All!!

The next weeks will be busy for all of us but I didn’t want it to fly by without wishing everyone a very happy and blessed Christmas.

Decorate the Tree!!

A few tips for when you are selecting your Christmas tree are consider the size and weight of your ornaments.  Blue Spruce has the strongest branches for heavier ornamanets.  Scotch Pines hold their needles well even when they are dry.  Try to get a tree as symmetirical as possible.  Use the branches that you trim off the bottom for the mantel or arrangements.Make sure the trunk of your tree is freshly cut and get it into water as soon as possible.  Trees absorb the most water the first week so keep the reservoir full.  Many clients are choosing aritifical trees as they can be put up much earlier and they need no maintenance.  Always make sure to fluff up the branches on your artifical tree to make it look more natural.  The holidays are when we make memories so transforming your home with nostalgic holiday spirit makes for an unforgetable season.  Use 100 lights for every foot of the tree, and use more if your tree is fuller than average.  Always test the lights before you put them on the tree to avoid aggravation!!  Place garland on the tree after the lights but before the ornaments.  Start from the top and work your way down.

Christmas Mantels…See me on Texas Living!

By now we are all in the thick of decorating our homes for the holidays.  Tomorrow (Dec. 3rd) I will be doing a segment on Texas Living at 11 am showing several ways to decorate your mantel and how easy you transform from one look to another!!

This week I will be giving tips on decorating your Christmas tree.  Do you know how many lights you should have on a 10 foot tree?  Stay tuned for the answer this week!