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Rennovating your home? Here are some pointers.


It has been a busy spring so far with many clients doing renovations rather than moving and changing their location.   Once a decision has been made to renovate you all have to be in agreement to keep an open mind, communicate and be prepared for issues but know it will all work out. Know that your home will be turned upside down for a month or two depending on what you are doing.  A common question I am asked is “What will stand the test of time and not become dated quickly?”.  I believe the key to long-term success in interior renovations is to truly do what YOU love.  When choosing cabinetry, countertops and flooring pick the textures and surfaces that are your style instead of settling on trends.  These are the most expensive items in a renovation so you really need to love what you choose.  When redoing a kitchen large kitchen islands are very much trending right now and becoming the focal point of the room.  The choices are endless so having a professional to work with can help with the overwhelming decisions that have to be made daily.

Painted cabinetry in lieu of stained cabinets is topping the list, cleaner lines and yes satin brass faucets and satin brass cabinet hardware are back!  Blue continues to be the cabinet color of choice in the kitchen and now spreading to other areas of the home.

Color is dominating the design space from shocking pink, blush, lavender, blues and greens.  Lacquered walls in a den or library can create a jewel like effect on a room which I love.  Using bright colors as accents or main pieces adds fun and joy and makes a room feel more energetic.  If you are looking for a serene space like a bath or bedroom soft muted hues are the choice.  Color can be added to the floor and accessories.

We often refer to the ceiling as the 5th wall when deciding on paint colors but really there is a 6th—the floor.  Hand painted floors can add visual harmony and whimsy. 

Lighting is paramount and makes a huge impact on a room.  I can’t stress enough how important light and color work together in a room.