When planning any event or wedding think of it as a movie production. There is the budgeting, staging, script, players and no doubt drama and improvisation!!! Susan Spindler can help make this the best event imaginable by being your director.
By creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and for you to be a hostess that can enjoy every moment! On your wedding day the families need to be enjoying their guests not worrying what is to happen next.

nautical-themed-wedding-06_detailDecember, traditionally is a slow month for weddings, but is by far the most popular month for engagements, surprisingly beating out Valentine’s Day! Maybe it is all the emotion of the holidays and gathering of family and friends at this time of year that makes it so popular as well as year-end bonus’ which help to splurge on the diamond engagement ring.

The wedding industry, has put its full weight behind the notion of the December proposals. Bridal magazines publish special holiday issues in January. Web sites devoted to weddings list ways to propose during the holidays as just bending down on one knee isn’t enough it seems these days.

Let the planning and booking of venue, florist, entertainment, rentals, save the dates, cake design, bridesmaids and their dresses and invitations and let’s not forget the bridal gown begin! Style and elegance can be achieved at any price provided you know the right things to do.

In a new book called Wedding Inspirations, Ideas and Advice for the Perfect Wedding by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Expert Opinions are offered by top wedding and event planners from around the country. Kimberly suggests one of the first steps in planning is to find your inspiration and the style of your wedding by putting together an inspiration board. This is a wonderful way to convey to your vendors exactly what you want.

The invitation will visually represent your personal style and let your guests know the level of formality for your nuptials. I like to see the invites coordinate with the colors you have chosen for your wedding and all printed items stay with the same design, font and paper. Create a sense of continuity by designing all your printed materials the same.

sparkling-newyork-wedding-03_detailWhen picking out a cake make sure you do a tasting with the bakery. It must not only look gorgeous but taste delicious as well.

When deciding on a venue there are different things to consider. When can you get in to set up? What time do you need to be out? What are the kitchen facilities like? Will you need rentals? The reception and food are the largest part of your budget so determining the number of guests can play a big part in your venue selection. If you decide to tent then consider the month of the year for weather purposes.

Selecting the music for your ceremony, reception, dinner and dancing are all different chapters of your wedding day that you need to think about and these are some of the elements that make it uniquely your own and put the couples personal stamp on the day.

The latest trend is going from strapless gowns to long sleeves in sheer fabric or lace. If you are not used to wearing high heels than this is not the day to wear them. As the bride you will be on your feet all day so make sure you are comfortable. Caviar nail polish in mother-of- pearl is a new trend for brides available at Sephora and definitely has festive look to it.

The main focus for your wedding should be the seriousness of making a lifelong commitment to each. Don’t lose the plot along the way in all planning of this milestone celebration. As much energy and thought that goes into the planning of your wedding needs to be tenfold of that for your marriage.

Susan Spindler is an interior decorator, event and wedding planner and the Collin County Ambassador to the RSVP Social Calendar (www.rsvpcalendar.com) . Susan’s expert advice can be found in the book Wedding Inspirations by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman.

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