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Plans for Father’s Day!

“The greatest thing a Father can do for his children, is to love their mother.”
-A.G. Untalan

Instead of another golf shirt why not be a little creative and come up with something that dear Dad will love to do on Father’s Day this Sunday. Have the kids cook brunch or BBQ dinner, go fishing, play ball, go to the movies, give him a foot massage, put on a play, write him a poem on how you feel about him, go to the golf range, water polo or maybe Dad would just like to snooze and watch the US Open. It’s his day so let him pick. The recipe for french toast kabobs is from Martha Stewart and I thought looks great probably will taste wonderful and fun for kids to do. Go to for more ideas for Dad!

Touch of Tranquility!

Leonardo da Vinci once said that water is the driving force of all nature. Well we can’t survive without it that is for sure and it brings such pleasure to us all. Water has an incredible soothing effect on both people and animals. Just the sound of water trickling has a calming effect on the soul and transports us to a calm and relaxing place. That is why implementing a water feature in a garden is so enjoyable. These days it is easy to do as well. There are free standing fountains and wall fountains for both indoor and outdoor use.

So check out all the different choices and find one that will fit your garden and budget and enjoy!


Last week at Engage!11, a luxury wedding business summit held in San Diego at the Grand Del Mar this fabulous creation greeted everyone in the lobby.

Karen Tran Florals and Aileen Tran Event Stylist were the creative genius’ behind this beautiful creation.

This life size gown was composed of peonies, orchids, hydrageas and roses!

Rococo Chalkboard!

I love this chalkboard! An artful twist on the traditional chalkboard and so attractive! This is a decorative wall decal kit and is easy to place and remove. The chalkboard finish enables you to leave a note or list in style and it is only $36.00.
Go to to order yours.

Becoming a Follower!

Okay, I’m hearing you all loud and clear…we have some new buttons added to the blog site and it is now very easy to become a follower….and subscribe!! Thank you for your support!

Colors of India!

Always on the search for the next great idea for decor for an event I came across this beautiful gala. The ballroom at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in NYC was transformed for “New Yorkers for Children” and their annual fundraiser. Traditional saris turned into tablecloths and glimmering luminaries with wild India colors filled the room with magic transforming the ballroom to another place. Guests in their Indian designer gowns added to the decor. This event is another beautiful production done by David Stark and his talented design team.

Take notice that much of the decorations are done in paper….remember my entry last week from Paris with the event all done in paper??? Are we seeing a trend here??? I think maybe so.

Picking a Home!

I’m fascinated by the unexplained psychology of what people feel when looking for real estate.
I’ve lived in many places, 3 countries and have had 16 or 17 homes over the past years and I’ve noticed that I usually walk in the front door of “the one” and know this is it for me and our family. What is that anyway?? Our former home in Dallas was exactly like that…two steps in the front door and said I’ll take it! I loved that home and still do. My friends Gene and Julie Gates now own it and have had me do some work there as they found out I have such a love for the house. By the way listen to the Gene and Julie Show on 103.7 Lite FM …

The interesting thing to this story is the exact same thing happened to Gene when he walked into the house. The house somehow embraced us both. When house hunting you look at so many homes and when you find the perfect one for you it’s exhilarating! Looking at these pictures of the exterior of these homes you will find that at least one of them you will be attracted to and want to see more….and that I find fascinating!!

Circus Theme Wedding!

Okay, I’d say in this case a picture is worth a thousand words!! These photo’s from different circus themed weddings show how much fun and attention to detail the event planners went to. This idea isn’t for everyone but couples are choosing to do theme weddings more and more. The whimiscal circus theme is a great idea for birthday parties as well…for children of all ages!! Enjoy.

Luxury Tents!

For your next event if you are thinking of using a tent check out and see their great selection of beautiful, creative tents. Their collection includes tents, umbrellas, fabrics, pillows cushions and tables linens. When coordinating the components you get a unique and custom look for your event. Also another creative way to use these tents is for a poolside cabana or backyard gazebo. What a conversation piece they would make!!

String Gardens…Interesting!

String Gardens were created by Fedor in Amsterdam originally as an art installation. These florals are now being used to create the unexpected as event decor! Suspended from the ceiling instead of in a planter they do make for a conversation piece! You would obviously appreciate a lower ceiling if you were going to try this for an event. String Gardens are also becoming popular for residential use as well.