Picking a Home!

I’m fascinated by the unexplained psychology of what people feel when looking for real estate.
I’ve lived in many places, 3 countries and have had 16 or 17 homes over the past years and I’ve noticed that I usually walk in the front door of “the one” and know this is it for me and our family. What is that anyway?? Our former home in Dallas was exactly like that…two steps in the front door and said I’ll take it! I loved that home and still do. My friends Gene and Julie Gates now own it and have had me do some work there as they found out I have such a love for the house. By the way listen to the Gene and Julie Show on 103.7 Lite FM …www.gandjshow@aol.com

The interesting thing to this story is the exact same thing happened to Gene when he walked into the house. The house somehow embraced us both. When house hunting you look at so many homes and when you find the perfect one for you it’s exhilarating! Looking at these pictures of the exterior of these homes you will find that at least one of them you will be attracted to and want to see more….and that I find fascinating!!

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