Fireplace Decorating: Why Paint a Brick Fireplace?

Does your fireplace looks like it belongs on the That’s 70’s Show? Many people with brick fireplaces often complain about how ugly they find the brick or how it doesn’t coordinate with their furnishings. Many bricks are dark and painting them is the quick, easy and cheapest way to lighten things up!

  1. Choose your paint There’s a lot to think about when painting a brick fireplace. Choose a color that will fit with your room’s decor. A semi-gloss latex paint works best on brick .
  2. Prep the fireplace and surrounding area Cover the areas of wall and floor around your fireplace to protect them from drips or other accidents. Next, clean the bricks as best you can. Scrub the bricks down with wire brushes, to get all the dirt out of the pores of the bricks. If your brick fireplace was previously painted, you’ll have to get every bit of old paint off. Use de-greasers, such as dish washing soap, and water to clean off any soot or grime. Use a vacuum to suck up any remaining loose debris
  3. Prime the bricks Apply latex primer to the cleaned brick surfaces. Be sure to fill the small holes and allow the primer to set in Do not prime or paint the firebox where the actual flame goes. Paint burns, period.
  4. Paint the bricks Use a paintbrush to paint the bricks. Take your time and work the paint into the cracks and crevices. Allow your latex paint to set, and then apply a second coat. Remember, don’t paint where you light the fire.

Shopping List
Masonry primer or conditioner
Latex paint
Paint tray, roller and roller cover

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