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Furniture Placement

One of the first things you should consider in placing your furniture is the location of the focal point in the room. Often it is a fireplace, large windows or possibly bookshelves. If you don’t have an obvious focal point what is it that you see first when entering the room? The floors, windows or wall space? Each room in our homes has a purpose for example in our living room we want an area for conversation,in the bedroom it is usually the bed and the family room the entertainment center. The largest piece of furniture should be placed in relation to the focal point of the room. You must be careful not to put all the large pieces together as this will make the room unbalanced. Things to consider when arranging furniture is there enough space to put down a drink or plate, lighting, chairs and places for accessories? Another important element is the traffic flow for the room.

Look at your room and see if you can make it more inviting and functional. Having trouble drop me an e-mail and we can talk!!

Dining Alfresco!!

Dining alfresco is one of the great delights of summer! Start planning now to tablescape outdoor tables by picking up interesting items while shopping or going to estate sales. I have found some wonderful vintage items at estate sales that make the table so inviting. There is something so romantic and fun eating outdoors. Every occasion just seems more special, maybe it is the sense of calm and relaxation we have and that we just don’t seem to get as much of anymore. In any case turn off your phones, turn up the tunes and enjoy fresh lemonade and wonderful food!!

One of my favorite things to do is to do tablescapes and right now I’m working on several for Easter dinner for clients and their guests. I’m also putting together favors for the guests and families as well. I found these darling yellow chicks in a little metal cages that I will add some candy to. I picked up some Easter cello bags with darling Easter bunnies, baskets and chicks for gift tags and they could also be used for placecards on the table. When I’m finished I will post several tables that I personally did for Easter!

Guest Room Guide

It is always about the small details! Your guests will remember

that you took the time to do the extras to pamper them and make their stay extra special.

Make sure you have a good mattress and a good size so your guests are comfortable. Beautiful linens and bath accessories are a must and make sure you have the linens pressed. Fresh flowers, beautiful bars of soap, magazines, small tray of fresh fruit and packages of healthy snacks are always a welcome and appreciated touch. Wooden and or fabric hangers in closet along with a lavender room spray, a variety of good pillows and a magnifying mirror are what makes a perfect hostess!!!

Something’s Gotta Give

So many of you wrote and commented on how you all loved the house in the movie Something’s Gotta Give that I thought I’d show you a few more that I came across. It seems that this was a very memorable and popular home. It feels homey, relaxing and comfortable and looks like a wonderful place to entertain…which is perfect for a beach house.

Hippity Hop Easters’ on it’s Way!!!

Well it many places in the country the signs of Spring have started….have you seen your first robin yet? Here in the south most of our flowering trees are already done and the bulbs are finishing up but in the north you still have these visual pleasures to look forward to. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking about your Easter or seasonal table. Pick up a bunch of daffadils at the store, hydrangea plants are out now too and look how great the jelly bean arrangement looks…easy, fun and happy!

Naturals always Beautiful!

When the summertime hits I like to change out my accessories in the house by adding some summery feeling accents. Bowls full of shells or some of these shell candles are lovely. Decorate your table outside in the garden with some of these pieces for outdoor dining.

There is something so beautiful about the shells and corals. Last week when I was in South Carolina we went to the ocean and collected oyster shells…shiny and pearly. My girlfriend and I then glue gunned the shells to a a large juice glass and made beautiful votives for the mantle of their beach home. There are pillows and lamps that can continue the look for the summer in your home. Have fun with it! I have large clear glass cylinders and filled them with blue crayola sand avaliable at Wal-Mart from Pavestone. I then added shells and candles to some and water with floating fish to others.