Furniture Placement

One of the first things you should consider in placing your furniture is the location of the focal point in the room. Often it is a fireplace, large windows or possibly bookshelves. If you don’t have an obvious focal point what is it that you see first when entering the room? The floors, windows or wall space? Each room in our homes has a purpose for example in our living room we want an area for conversation,in the bedroom it is usually the bed and the family room the entertainment center. The largest piece of furniture should be placed in relation to the focal point of the room. You must be careful not to put all the large pieces together as this will make the room unbalanced. Things to consider when arranging furniture is there enough space to put down a drink or plate, lighting, chairs and places for accessories? Another important element is the traffic flow for the room.

Look at your room and see if you can make it more inviting and functional. Having trouble drop me an e-mail and we can talk!!

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