Be Daring – Go Orange!

Color is definitely a mood setter. It can make you feel great and energetic. Not sure why people have a fear of color as a can a paint is one of the least expensive ways to change a rooms’ mood. These days they finally have little sample pints that you can test and live with to see if you like the color. So don’t live in fear of trying something different. The ceiling is a forgotten surface. Paint it a color or even covering it in wallpaper changes a room and looks fantastic.
When we look at this photo of an orange room you can feel how strong and intense it is yet full of light. Orange occurs in sunrises and sunsets as well as fruit and fauna and used at full strength can be overpowering …but mellowed can be relaxing. Add a little yellow, white or even pink to soften the jolt that orange fabric or paint can deliver. Difficult to not be happy in this room!

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