Why Hire an Interior Designer??

The decoration of homes has captivated people throughout recorded history. Interior designers put style, their creativity and experience to work to help a home reach its full potential….whether it is a small studio or multi-million dollar property. My clients believe that having a designer has saved them considerable time and money by finding unique objects and also by avoiding costly errors. By helping a client make a decision on paint color or the direction you want a room to go can be a time saving experience for a client and not a stressful, worrisome one. What I try to do for each client is make the process as hassle-free as possible. Take a look at the two photo’s …a before and after of a kitchen. As you look at the photo you could say, “Well I could do that!”. But in reality there are so many decisions to be made when re-doing a kitchen from appliances, cabinet style, tiles, counter tops, flooring and the list goes on and on…and making a wrong decision can be a costly and disappointing mistake.

My experience has been doing residential homes, ranches, beach houses from Los Angeles, Montana, Las Vegas, Toronto, Raleigh and of course Dallas and beyond so let’s get together and discuss what we can do together with your next project…big or small.

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