Weddings, weddings, weddings!! Tis the Season!

When I meet with a client they are always looking for something personal and unique for their upcoming nuptials. Here are a few idea’s…an all white wedding and a farm/ranch wedding both being at one end of the spectrum from the other and beautiful in their own way. The birdcage idea came to me when discussing a wedding and the thought of love birds came into the discussion. I have many birdcages that I collected from a trip to Hong Kong from an area called “Bird Cage Alley”. I lost my mind at the beautiful selection and dragging them on the airplane wasn’t my family’s idea of fun, but look how wonderful that arrangement looks in the birdcage. You could hang them over tables, elevate them on tables or hang them from trees. Add real birds, insert cards and well wishes into them or have butterflies. The daisy arrangement I thought was simple, clean and elegant.

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