Tremendous Turquoise!

There are many variations of the color blue and turquoise is one of my favorite of the blue hues. Coming from a place in nature from the azure sky to the ocean blue to the mining of the many variations of natural turquoise, this is a color that is never out of style. It is popping up in all areas of design from jewelery, furniture, wallcoverings, tableware, fabrics and the list goes on. Turquoise has been a treasure since the Egyptian pharaohs and Persian Kings wore it back in 10,000 B.C. It is said to have healing properties and Native Americans adopted it as a cultural touchstone.
I find it a relaxing, and happy color which makes things pop whether you are wearing it as jewelery or accessorizing your home with it. Turquoise is a trend that really never seems to disappear like other colors and designs. We see it in tiles, chandeliers and rugs. Every room could use a little of it.

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