Transform your Bookshelves to Speak Volumes!!

Bookshelves in a room are your largest accessory. Arranging them into a stunning, personalized display is simpler than you might think. Backing your bookshelves in a contrasting color or even wallpaper (not too busy) will help to make the objects on the shelves stand out. This is a perfect place to display collections and items of personal interest. Having lighting from either above, behind or underneath will add focus and warmth. Use hard cover books not paper backs on the shelves and arrange them both horizontally and vertically, alternating throughout the shelving. Fill in the unused space with decorative objects such as family photo’s, ceramic pieces, small works of art and other personal items that you would love to display. I have from our years living in Singapore an array of items from Asia from textiles to celedon pieces that I have collected to lacquer boxes from Bangkok. I enjoy looking at the shelves as each piece is a reminder for me of some of the experiences I had while living in Asia. When you travel you too can pick up objects of interest and display them and besides the wonderful books on the shelves are happy memories as well. Also the battery operated candles that have timers on them are fantastic for the shelves as they can go up high and they last for months, just make sure they have timers on them when you purchase them.
I have a friend who has a wall of the vertical cube boxes like in the photograph above but his cubes are filled with record albums. It looks very cool in his music room and music is his passion. Don’t have a passion or collection? No worries random pieces of decorative objects works great as well.

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