Thanksgiving Family Potluck

Having a communal Thanksgiving table is the heart of a bountiful celebration.  A potluck approach  allows for more than sharing – it allows the host to spend more time with freinds and family.  Having everyone bring a their favorite dish for Thanksgiving is fun for everyone.  Request that each guest provide you with their recipe ahead of time in case there are allergies in the group.  Set up stations for appetizers, main courses, sides and desserts on separate tables, buffets or countertops.  Guests can serve themselves buffet-style, but it is ideal to have a large dining table open for socializing.  If not a children’s table is always fun.  Have the children hand make the placecards for the table as they will be precious keepsakes.  The table can set a few days before and plan to make as much of the food ahead of Thanksgiving Day as possible.

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