Tea with Anna Weatherley!

As an international designer, Anna Weatherley’s career has included designing and manufacturing couture fashion, jewelry, home furnishings and printed textiles. In the early 1990’s Anna established a studio in Budapest, Hungary where she trained a group of highly talented painters to create her collection in hand painted porcelain. This is the china I picked to showcase in the “Butterfly Brunch” chapter in Kimberly Schlegel Whitman’s best-seller “Tablescapes.” It is one of my very favorite china patterns as each piece is such a work of art and I love the whimsical butterflies, ladybugs and other charming bugs found on most pieces. Anna’s designs are inspired by early botanical illustrators and flower painters of 18th Century Europe. In 2009 Anna delivered her magnolia patterned china set to the White House and a different pattern can also be found in the Blair House, which is the Presidents guest house. Anna is a true American success story and she is a fascinating woman who has had many successful careers in her life. You can find her gorgeous porcelain china patterns in over 400 stores including Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Anna is a native of Hungary, and went back to her native country and now employs 60 master painters to execute her designs. One plate will take up to 2 days to paint. Having something hand-painted anymore is a dying art and these older workers do such fine work but when they are gone, it’s over.

It was a thrill for me to meet Anna personally after admiring her work for so long. If you don’t need a full set of china, there are gorgeous vases, cachepots, chargers or tea cups…something for everyone and once you see these pieces I know everyone will want a treasure to enjoy!

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