Spring is in the Air!!

Spring is the time of year that always makes people eager to freshen up the house and change things up a bit. From a new, decorative paint color to a pretty wall covering there really is no shortage of chic ways to energize your rooms. Teal or turquoise is a trend in both fashion and home. I like the way it plays well with neutrals so it is easy to incorporate into almost any room. A gorgeous color is Benjamin Moore’s Teal Ocean.
Look for pillows, tabletop, lamps , tiles and furniture with this shade and enjoy it’s calming qualities!

Just got an idea…you know all that dark wrought iron accessories you may have around the house ….run to Michael’s and get yourself a spray can of this color and start updating your look! This is where I get in trouble…I start to spray wicker, pots etc…just about anything I can get my hands on. So go have fun!!

Pottery Barn just got in some gorgeous turquoise dishes and other table top items you might like to check out.

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