Slipcovered Furniture

Originally slipcovers were designed to protect heirloom furniture and expensive upholstery fabrics from everyday wear and tear. Today they can be found in stores from IKEA, Ethan Allen, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Thomasville and well basically all furniture lines have slipcovers. They offer a custom look, make cleaning easy, can redesign your room in a day, practical, versatile and that is why we are seeing slipcovers everywhere. The photo’s of the sofa’s show the same sofa with different slipcovers and how each look is very different from each other. These sofas and fabrics are avaliable from
I have girlfriends who change their slipcovers with the seasons to give a different feel and look to their room. Velvets, chenile for winter and cotton prints and light weight fabrics for the summer.
Many clients ask if they should choose slipcoved furniture and what are the advantages of doing so…if you like to change up your look this is the perfect solution and even if you don’t slipcovers offer a great look.

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