Planning your Holiday Open House!

If you have decided to have a Holiday Open House you should have your invitations sent out by the end of this week. This does not have to be an overwhelming endeavour, entertaining is fun and the purpose is to visit with family and friends and share the joy of the season. With an Open House guests arrive at their convenience so it works out that you will have more time to visit with everyone. Let’s design a Open House around a dessert and eggnog menu.
The dessert buffet will be the focal point for the party so design a layout that provides easy access from all sides. Plates and platters can be spread out on a one large dining table or you could do several stations. Make the table interesting by filling vases and bowls with flowers, glass balls, cranberries and holly. Choose a range of desserts from cakes, cupcakes, cookies all decorated for the holidays. Eggnog is a classic beverage to accompany desserts but other options are mulled wine, hot cocoa, speciality coffees and wine.
This is the season of giving so another touch is to ask your guests on your invite to bring a toy to donate to a local organization that gathers gifts for less fortunate children. Have a table separate for these gifts.

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