Planning an Engagement Party!!

One of life’s biggest milestones is getting married and to celebrate that many couples have an engagement party. Anyone aside from the bride and groom,is welcome to host an engagement party but more often than not it is the bride’s parents who do this at their home. Sometimes a favorite aunt and uncle or close friends will host a party as well. Do not invite anyone you will not be inviting to the wedding. This is a party and should be fun, relaxing and being enjoyed by your closest relatives and friends.

This question comes up all the time….should I bring a gift to the engagement party? Etiquette suggests that a gift is not required and is not expected. You are there to celebrate the couples upcoming nuptials! Toasts aren’t just for wedding celebrations they are traditionally included at engagement parties. The father of the Bride-to-be is generally the first to toast, followed by the groom and then whoever else might want to say a few words. Toasts usually start two-thirds of the way through the party…so when the guests are enjoying dessert would be an excellent time.

Coordinating the colors of linens with what they are doing for the wedding would be a nice touch. Find out what the brides favorite flowers are, their preference in music and coming up with a signature cocktail is always fun for everyone!

These engagement photo’s were taken for a couple who love the move “The Notebook”. I thought that was very clever.

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