Nothing lights up a Room Like Flowers!

Ever since I can remember I have always had fresh flowers in the house. I need flowers like people need a coffee in the morning….I don’t drink coffee so flowers are my vice. They just make me happy. I look at anything and everything to be a potential vase. If it can hold water then it will work. So let’s think for a moment outside the box of the traditional vase….tea pot, compote, tea cups, crystal bowls, baskets, fish bowl, pitcher, silver bowls and sugar bowls…as you can see the ideas are endless. So take a look around and find something you wouldn’t ordinarily use as a vase and then put some flowers in it and enjoy. I have even made an arrangement in the revered Stanley Cup when it was at party I had done flowers for. I dropped an arrangement in the top of the cup and said it made the perfect vase!! Because of my need to have flowers in the house besides fresh cut flowers I always have orchids, once the fresh flowers die you always have the orchids in the meantime. Many people are afraid of orchids as they think of them being delicate and exotic and difficult to take care of. They are probably the easiest and least demanding to maintain. I right now have some orchids I got the beginning of March. The prices on orchids has come down quite a bit and Whole Foods usually has a beautiful selection and less expensive than I can get at the wholesalers! I usually have the orchids arranged in a pot with moss and curly willow so not disturb the arrangement I place two ice cubes per orchid plant around the stem about every 10 days and that is it my friends. Orchids do not like being in a draft so be careful with the air conditioning! They love to be misted as they crave the humidity. When I lived in Singapore orchids where everywhere. Daisies were the exotics there! So you can imagine our home was filled with orchids of every kind.

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