Mysterious Pewter!

Pewter is an alloy of mostly tin with a little copper, antimony and sometimes lead. It is characterized by a muted, silvery-gray color and a mottled surface that is far less showy than silver or gold. It is now becoming quite a collectors item and seeing all the different applications
it can be used I can see why. Pewter does take a little more care, in fact that is why years ago I gave my flatware away because it couldn’t go in the dishwasher…I have always regretted doing that. You can polish pewter and it will gleam like silver…but for only a matter of days as it will once again turn gray…which is the natural state of pewter and it is very happy to be gray!

I love the counters and the table top …so different and beautiful! The top photo of the large rectangle was used as a headboard. For sources e-mail me.

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