Monogram This!!

What is it about monograming that we love so much? I love this monogram for the wall in your child’s room or office. The Roberto Cavalli Store at NorthPark here in Dallas has his monogram at the entrance and it is all done in Swarovski crystals. It is magnificent. We all know about monogramming sheets, towels and linen dinner napkins but I like to think outside the box and do more unusual items. Slip cover your dinner room or breakfast chairs with your monogram, luggage, photo albums…the list goes on and it’s fun to receive and give as gifts something so personal. This year we made our own Christmas crackers for Christmas dinner. In each cracker we put a party hat, special gift for that person and monogrammed each cracker. Besides looking beautiful on the table each guest was very tickled to have their own and didn’t want to open them!!!

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