Making a Great First Impression!

The front door to your home should have curb appeal, be energy-efficient, withstand the elements and complement your home! The most common doors are wood, fiberlass composite and steel. You can get some fabulous antique doors through your local salvage company or have a door custom made for you. I have a friend who has a wooden door that has an old Irish welcome carved into the whole door….very cool. So many other decisions to be made when thinking of changing your entrance. Are you going to have double doors, windows in the door, side panel windows, transom, deciding on hardware…all these decisions make your front door custom and special to your home.
I do like a strong and bold color for a door if it is all wood like the red door in the photograph, this has a strong yet welcoming statement.
Changing the color of your door, if that is possible is a quick way to make a dramatic change to the way your home looks. Give it a try and always remember …it’s a can a paint…if you don’t like it try another color. I do color consultations all the time and find that picking a color for a room or exterior is a difficult decision for most homeowners. Having thousands of colors to choose from makes picking color even more of daunting experience than if you had fewer choices, but there is the perfect color out there for you!

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