Lobster Fest!!

Okay now that we have the Fourth of July behind us for our next entertaining idea why not try a Lobster Fest! It is simple yet spectacular and makes for a perfect casual outdoor summer party. If you don’t have an outdoor steamer, use a large stock pot on the stove and bring the lobster outside when it is ready. Steam lobster for 8 minutes for each 1 pound lobster plus 3 minutes per each additional pound. Lobsters are done when the shells are bright red. Have bowls with drawn butter (keep it warm), condiments and crackers to break open the shells. Lobsters are easy to crack, first pull off the claws and knuckles, then detach the tail and legs. Tap the claw shells with a mallet and extract the meat. Cut down the middle and spread the shell open and enjoy this delicacy! Yes it is messy but worth the efforts. Make sure you have lobster bibs for your guests and you can use newsprint as your table cloth. It is important to have all the proper tools like picks and crackers in order to get to all the delicious meat. Left over lobster is wonderful and delicious so make a great salad or newberg.
This is another fun and different way to celebrate summer and keep the mess outside!
For dessert do a ice cream sundae table with sprinkles, brownies, nuts, chocolate chips, broken chocolate bars and different syrups. YUM!

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