Listen and Offer Options!

As a wedding planner the one key to having a successful wedding custom for the couple is to listen, listen and listen some more. Finding out as much as you can about the couple is very important to make it as personal to them as possible. Plated meals of filet mignon are still the number one choice in most areas and interestingly in San Francisco some wedding planners have never done a buffet dinner it is always a sit down affair. Most couples want to include elements from their background. So that may come in menu items or something to take home. Some couples ask for the same food from their first date. A couple who met at a fair wanted cotton candy, for example. Another fun idea is bring in an ice cream cart full of frozen dessert bars like Snickers, Mars Bars etc….guests love this!

Late night snacks like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup shots are fun and unexpected. Having the Starbucks truck out front as your guests leave is another added touch with take away donuts!

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