Let’s Throw a Sangria and Tapas Party Next!!

As these dog days of summer slowly take us into August I thought a Sangria and Tapas Party would be a wonderful way to gather friends. Instead of gathering for a large sit down meal at a table, imagine a more casual set-up where small bites and delicious Sangria, Spain’s popular fruit-infused punch, allow guests and hosts to mix and mingle with everyone with ease.
Water goblets, chalices or even tumblers are great for Sangria and are an alternative to stemware. Serve the Sangria in pitchers or punch bowls so guests can serve themselves.
Add colorful linens, mixing and matching to make the setting more festive. Be sure to have small plates for your tapas. The more guests you have the more variety of tapas you can prepare.

Now as far as Tapas dishes go there is an endless amount of ideas to choose from. Tapas is finger foods, canapes, appetizer size plates with variety of items from mini ribs, ceviche, spiced clams, stuffed tomates and the list goes on and on. Check your cookbooks or internet for ideas and recipes.
This is a fun summer way to entertain so get out the invitations and let’s party!!!

I got this fabulous Sangria recipe from a friend Caterina Miltenberger, who is the Corporate Mixologist for Glazers for 11 States. Caterina is really a Drink Chef and takes creating a new drink very seriously. She has won many awards for her work and she has offered to give us monthly original recipes she has created.

Tuscan Sangria
(7 servings per batch)

1 bottle Beringer Moscato (750 militer size)
4 oz of Smirnoff Orange Vodka
2 oz of O3 Premium Liqueur (Brazilian Orange)
4 oz. Perfect Puree El Corazon Beverage Artistry
2.5 oz The Perfect Puree Strawberry
4 oz. Simple Syrup
.50oz Cinnamon
Add all ingredients together in a pitcher.
Then add ice per glass with 1 orange- cut into quarter slices (Blood Orange where avaliable)
1 lemon cut into slices
1 lime cut into wheels
All ingredients like The Perfect Puree are chef driven easy to use and 100% natural and be found at Central Market in the freezer section The Smirnoff Orange Vodka is a good value and can also be used for Orange Cosmos can be found at any liquor store The O3 Brazilian liqueur can be used in Margaritas, Cosmos and is a sweet and sexy orange flavor Newest product from Beam Global Beringer Moscato is ‘HOT HOT HOT’ trend and is perfect with spicy foods including Asian dishes Beringer Moscato can be found at the grocery store The El Corazon Beverage Artistry puts complexity into the cocktail with the combination of blood orange, grapefruit and passion fruit Multi layered Sangria with a clean finish can be found at Central Market in the freezer section.
Thank YOU Caterina for this delicous recipe!

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