Hamptons Gardens

The Hamptons, is best known as the glamourous, summer colony for the rich and famous for New Yorkers and East Coasters. Hampton Gardens, by author Jack deLashmet takes you behind the hedges of some of the most, lush and exclusive estates. This gorgeous book shows the gardens and how they frame and extend the living space to the outdoors of these fabulous beach homes. The stunning photography and history makes this a most exciting book to include in your library.
Have you see the movie Grey Gardens? If you haven’t yet you must. It is story about Jacqueline Kennedy’s cousin and aunt, Little and Big Edie Bouvier Beale, who lived at Grey Gardens where at one time were the toast of the town, rich, glamourous and beautiful and how they ended up living in squalor with hundreds of cats. It is a fascinating story. Grey Gardens has been purchased and totally renovated by Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee. You will wonder how in the world they did this after you watch the movie and see the deterioration of this home.
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