Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills

Greystone Estate is a 1920’s residence that is usually closed to the public and owned by the City of Beverly Hills. A few years ago they did a Designer Showcase and brought the home back to life and did some restoration, and that is what these photographs are from. I was there several months ago with my girlfriend and I have to say it is very sad to see such a grand manor just left empty now. One imagines the kind of parties that were once held there and the fabulous furnishings, all gone now. Several years ago 28 of the country’s top designers where asked to participate in a benefit to restore this magnificient English gothic revival manor.

Greystone is on a little over 12 acres in the heart of Beverly Hills. It was orignally owned by the Doheny Family who were very successful in the discovering of oil in the Los Angeles area. The gardens are beautifully mantained by the city and are worth the trip to walk around the property which is free to the public.

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