Good Question…What is the Right Finish??

After you have picked out your paint color you now need to choose the right finish. Sheen levels impact both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a room. They affect the amount of light reflected from the painted surface, hiding or highlighting imperfections and influencing the color.

A flat or matte finish provides excellent depth of color and is ideal for imperfect surfaces. Flat is also the preferred sheen for ceilings because of its non reflective qualities.

Eggshell sheen imparts a soft polished glow and provides an easy to clean surface that is perfect for high traffic areas.

A satin finish combines excellent durability with an understated sheen that is perfect for trim and walls where you don not desire the full sheen on a semi-gloss.

Semi-gloss is particularly durable and stand ups to repeated cleanings which is a must for moldings and trim. Its smooth sheen provides a beautiful frame to a matte or eggshell wall.

When in doubt check with your designer or painter to help you make these decisions.

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