Gift Registries Make It Easy!!!

You have just set the date for your wedding and are so excited to start your new life.  A wonderful tool in helping your guests for your showers and wedding gifts is getting registered at a retailer who has a wedding program.  
Most major retailers have a wedding registry program and it usually comes with some great benefits for the engaged couple as well.  It is an excellent way for you to get exactly what you want, to add or delete items, to gather the gift givers information for thank you notes and in the end save you time with not having to return duplicate or unneeded items.  Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn are two very popular destinations for young couples to register with and everyone loves a gift card so you can always consider that as well.  They have many items that can be monogrammed  with your new married initials which is always exciting.
Celebrating a big birthday, baby shower, bridal shower or any other gift giving celebration …register and make it easy for everyone!!

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