Fresh, Neutral, Unpretentious – Belgian Style!

Love, love, love this look. Axel Vervoordt and his Antwerp castle brought this look to life. Axel disdains the trendy and his taste spans centuries and continents. He is regarded as on of the most original and adventurous collectors of our time. To learn more about Axel go to .

To achieve this look you need to have a neutral color palette…grays, creams and browns. Some other elements are exaggerated scale,vintage, lack of pattern or ornamentation, distressed wood or appears aged, linen slipcovers and bedding.

Notice how the wood trim, walls all appear aged and weathered. This is such a relaxing and serene design no wonder Restoration Hardware has gone much this way with their look.

Window treatments are simple as well…belgian linen and in the photo on this page they stenciled the lacy curtain look…very unique!

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