Fresh Air Showers!!

School is coming to a end and the joy of life by the water is about to begin for many families as they pack up and head to the beach house, lake house, cottage or cabin. I lived at the beach for 10 happy years and miss it very much here in land locked Dallas. There is nothing quite as relaxing as the breezy simplicity of shore life! I loved all the family times as well as visiting with our friends. But I do have to say one of the annoying things about living at the beach was the sand coming into the house. We finally put in an outdoor shower and that solved the problem! I never wanted to use the indoor shower once summer came. It is fabulous! These photo’s are a few creative examples of what you could do to have an outdoor shower. Depending on your home you could mimic the the details of the house on your outdoor space as a few of these examples did. You don’t need a beach house to have an outdoor shower…great for taking the chlorine off after the pool or simply just having an outdoor shower for the summer at your home. Provide some robes, seas sponges and aloe vera gel and enjoy!

Lay back and listen to the waves, enjoy the natural light streaming across a sun porch and my favorite…bonfires on the beach. Makes for many happy, memorable memories. Enjoy your summer!

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