Flooring…Hmmmm What to do??

When picking out flooring you want it to look beautiful, complement your other design elements, reflect your style and provide lasting value. Consider your floor the fifth wall in your room and then you realize what a huge impact flooring has on your overall decor. Some important tips and trends to keep in mind while making these decisions are:
– darker colors make a room appear smaller, lighter shades give a room a larger look
– wood floors look better with age and get that rich patina that we love
– laminates nowadays offer looks so real it is hard to tell them from the real thing
– tile has been used for years …easy to clean and maintain, water is no problem but I personally find it hard to stand on for any length of time if being used let’s say in a kitchen….bathrooms no problem.
– contrary to what most people think, carpet is a good choice for allergy sufferers as it traps allergens so they don’t float in the air and then can easily be vacuum up.
– if you have a large open space and area rug can define a sitting area, make it feel more intimate. Almost every room with a hard surface can benefit from a rug.
The photographs show hardwood flooring, concrete, cork and an area rug. We will discuss over the next few days texture, trends, patters, colors etc.

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