Fashion Galore at Neiman Marcus Willow Bend!

Today there was a wonderful celebration held at Neiman Marcus, Willow Bend, Plano, Texas. The event is called the Top Ten Women of Collin County and we saluted ten outstanding women and their amazing contributions to our community. It was shocking to hear all they have done to improve life in Collin County and beyond and continue to have careers, marriages and motherhood. Neiman Marcus put on a fabulous fashion show as part of the luncheon. We saw some gorgeous clothes and the gold jewelry was spectacular.

I had an opportunity to meet and speak with the jewelry designer, Stephanie Anne. Stephanie has been in design since the age of 25 and for years has an interior design shop in Dallas, now at Highland Park Village.. This year marks her move into the fashion world with the launch of her Jewelry Collection. Stephanie Anne caught the attention of Neiman Marcus with her Spring 2011 collection and landed her in the NM store downtown and now at NM Willow Bend. Here are just some examples of her fabulous jewelry designs. Go to to see more of the collection and read all about Stephanie and where her jewelry is available!

It seems everything you touch turns to gold Stephanie! Lovely to meet you today and continued success!

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