Enjoy Autumn and the Bounty of the Season!!

Every season is similar to a new fashion statement with different textures, colors, flowers, light and style. I hope you will enjoy this blog site as I bring you my different thoughts and ideas on interior decoration, seasonal design, entertaining, weddings and other celebrations.
I love the transformation in nature when autumn appears. Being raised in the north, I have always been captivated by the changing and brilliant colors of the leaves every year. We don’t quite have the changing color in this part of Texas but there are still signs that a new season has begun. The days are getting shorter, the way the sunlight casts more of an amber glow. pumpkins and gourds at the grocer and changes in the garden.
It’s time to come indoors and decorate your home and get back to entertaining. Let’s set the mood and delight in the change of the season.

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