Decorating the Christmas Tree!

Decorating the Christmas tree can either be a joyous experience or a dreaded one. I want you to enjoy this holiday tradition so I have a few tips to help make the experience a fun time. If you are using a fresh tree then make sure you make a fresh cut on the trunk and get it into water as soon as possible. Trees absorb the most water in the first week so keep the water reservoir full to keep your tree as fresh as possible. When selecting your tree consider what is going on the tree and how long it will be in the house. Scotch pines hold their needles the best even when they are dry. Look to make sure the tree doesn’t have spaces and that it is symmetrical. Many people have gone the way of an artificial tree for convenience and because they now come pre-lit and can be up longer than a fresh tree, with these you must make sure to fluff each branch to give it a great look.Add Image
If you are stringing your own lights on the tree a good rule of thumb is to put 150 lights per foot on the tree. Please do not skimp on the lights this is what give your tree the special glow and showcases your garland and ornaments. Make sure to tuck the lights into the tree and start at the base and work your way up.”Also test each string of lights before you go to the trouble to hang them on the tree and find out they don’t work. After the lights comes the garland. Garland comes in many forms and with this you start from the top and work your way down…tucking into the branches so it adds depth. Hang your ornaments on the ends of branches and inside the tree as well. Vary the sizes and shapes as you hang them. I collect ornaments for all the places I travel to so it is always a treat to pull them out and remember a memory. The lovely ornaments my children made become priceless when they are older. I have laminated my favorites that my children have made and have survived this long. Christmas trees can be in many rooms. Small trees for children or grandchildren delight the little ones.
Have a tree balling party, make your own ornaments and most of all have fun and enjoy it all!

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