Cruising in Style!

Cycling can sometimes get a little more complicated than simply picking out two wheels, a destination, and getting there, especially for girls, who often find the selection of bicycles in the market slightly more favorable to the boys, and are not built with the girl’s delicate frames in mind. Taking those who are looking for luxury and cruising into consideration, Fendi has created the Abici Amante Donna luxury city bike, create specially for those who are simply looking to enjoy the city ride and commute in style from one place to another, without having to worry about speed.
The Abici Amante Donna bicycles have been released in two models, and they only differ in terms of accessories and colors. Both are made with women in mind, and thus are built to facilitate getting on and off the bike. The accessories featured include a fur-covered saddle and a leather case, which runs for $9,500, and the other which comes with Fendi’s Selleria leather accessories run for $5,900. Oh yeah, make sure you get a super duper bike lock for this one!

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