Couture Parfums!

Libby Patterson designs and formulates hand blended high quality aromatherapy aphrodisiacs. Essential oil creates a connection in the back of the brain in a primal area called the hypothalamus, triggering a shirt emotionally. The essential oils vibrate at a higher frequency than the human body thus altering us and elevating our mood. More behind the making of perfumes than most of ever imagined!

Libby has been creating custom fragrances for clients for almost 20 years. She is located in Los Angeles with a A-list clientele. She can create a special scent for you through a private appointment whether it is in person, via Skype or e-mail. I had a long chat with Libby over the weekend and was fascinated in what she has been doing. For engaged couples she will create a parfum custom to the bride and groom and then once married the scent can be combined to be exclusively their personal scent.

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