Cotswold Life!

A trip to London, England really isn’t complete unless you visit the amazing, picturesque English countryside. While visiting my daughter in Notting Hill I attended a wedding in the Cotswolds, a beautiful region filled with charming towns, farms, shops and pubs. One day we went to a horse show at Princess Anne’s farm while the men went golfing on the oldest golf course in the UK. The interesting thing about that was the course was filled with cows and horses wandering around. One cow ate someone’s golf ball!! There are miles and miles of stone fences built centuries ago and the flowers as you can see by a few of these pictures were gorgeous. Life is not hectic here and you can drive from one eye-catching town to another to shop or stop and have lunch in Tetbury like we did at The Snooty Fox Pub!! For more information on this region go to By the way the top view is the view out of my hotel window!!

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