Caring for Silver – Get Ready for the Holidays!

 Many people seem to steer away from using silver because they think it is too time consuming to polish.  But there is nothing like a table with silver pieces on to help make your table glow and look beautiful.  Frequent use of silver actually means it has to polished less.  Don’t save your sterling flatware for twice a year use it often.
Sterling is best washed by hand but if you must use a dishwasher, do not mix silver with stainless steel, as the interaction between the two metals will cause unremovable black spots.  The luster and fine lines that come with frequent use are desirable and that is called patina.  When you do polish use a cream substance rather than a clear liquid dip.  Polishing is hard on silver but the dip is much harsher even though it may seem faster to get the job done.

After use always wash the silver implements immediately to avoid the tarnish and corrosion caused by salt and sulfur.  I personally love antique silver as there are so many beautiful designs and reminds me of how elegant dining use to be and still can be!!

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