Breezy Beach Style!

As the weather warms up we start thinking about and planning our summer holidays and invariably they will include a trip to the beach somewhere! I was raised on the Great Lakes and miss the waves and water so much. I now live in land locked Dallas and considering the size of Texas there is only one natural lake in the whole state, the rest are man made. So when I get a chance to design a beach house it is a great thrill for me. The top photo is from one of my favorite movie beach houses…from the movie “Somethings Gotta Give” which is in Southampton. Most palmy retreats are where family memories are made. It is time for relaxation, laughter, boating, sandcastles and grilling with cottage neighbors, friends and family. A cheerful pastel color scheme keep things light and airy, blues, greens, naturals, yellows….Outdoor rooms are just as important as inside ones and this doesn’t have to apply just to a beach house…you can create something wonderful poolside in the city as well.

Make your own beach oasis in your own patio….it is all in the details!

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